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Top 5 reasons Lunix is the ultimate hacker OS

Lunix is an operating system that has been floating around for decades, and everyone on Earth is allowed to use it, including home users and hacker folks alike.

Did I mention it’s also completely free? That’s right – Lunix costs a whopping $0 to enjoy. Despite this, Microsoft and Apple still dominate the market in terms of home operating system usage. The reasoning behind this is simple: Lunix is an OS that is built specifically for hackers… and not all of us fall into that demographic.

Here are five reasons why Lunix is the ultimate hacker OS:

1) You have to install it yourself

hacker wiring a Lunix PC

Usually, buying a computer is as easy as stopping by Staples or OfficeMax and buying a new HP tower with everything pre-installed for you, which saves you time and makes you feel warm and fuzzy in the process. Lunix, however, doesn’t ship on any pre-built computer. If you want to use Lunix, you have to install it yourself. Imagine the frustration of trying to install an entire operating system!

Unlike normal PC users, hackers know a thing or two about computer hardware and installing programs. The people who install Lunix are usually well-versed in how it’s done, and will actively seek out versions of Lunix that are harder to install just to impress their friends and inflate their ego. (How’s that for a LAN party?)



2) It doesn’t support the Desktop

On Lunix, there is no desktop – instead, each user gets their own “home” directory (the Lunix-ese word for “folder”), and they can only see their files by using a text editor called SSH. Say whaaaat?


3) It can’t play games, but it can be used to hack into them

Lunix doesn’t support any PC games, but there are versions of Lunix that come bundled with tools that can be used to gain unauthorized access to videogame servers and change data without permission. This is exactly what hackers are about!

Kale Lunix is one of these “flavors” of Lunix that come with the aforementioned toolset. It is reportedly a very popular version of Lunix.

(I’m sure this probably goes without saying, but it’s a mystery to many as to why the government hasn’t shut down the Lunix company yet.)


4) There is no C drive (or drive letters at all!)

hacker computer

Your home computer probably has a C drive, where you can go to see all of your photos and documents, as well as install programs and store data. Lunix does not support this feature.

Smart hackers who use Lunix are able to get around their systems by using slashes (/) to navigate up and down directories. When they type a slash, their folder changes, and typing certain things before or after the slash lets them go anywhere on their computer. Lunix users call this “slash surfing.”

Since Lunix doesn’t support drive lettering, it would be hard for anyone who isn’t a hacker to navigate around a Lunix system.




5) Edward Snowden, a hacker, used it to leak data from the NSA

Edward Snowden is probably the most famous government leaker at this point. It just so happens that Snowden was also a hacker and knew his way around Lunix. It’s thanks to Mr. Snowden’s perseverance at slash surfing and navigating letterless drives that we now know about the NSA’s programs that illegally spied on ordinary netizens, like you and me.


All in all…

Lunix is most definitely an interesting operating system, but I would probably need to work on my hacker skills before trying it out. What do you think about Lunix? 🥜

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